Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Extra Purchases

Before this blog began, I documented my experiences working through "Make: Electronics" by Charles Platt. During that time, I built up quite a collection of components - resistors, capacitors, buttons, switches, etc. I also learned to use a full-size breadboard and I cut and trimmed my own jumper wires for most of the 36 experiments in that book.

Scanning through "Beginning Arduino," I can see that there are a lot of components that I won't need to purchase this time around. But one of the things I've noticed in the book's projects is the use of the breadboard in conjunction with the Arduino. While that will certainly work, I was reading through the latest Make magazine (Vol. 25) and noticed they've released a new shield for the Arduino called the MakerShield. In addition to some of the built-in features, one of the features that caught my eye was the center section that was designed to support a mini-breadboard. So I went ahead and purchased the MakerShield and the mini-breadboard (white -for better photographs I hope) - my desk is so cluttered, so maybe this will help keep many of the projects inside a smaller boundary.

While I was placing my order, I also saw these great jumper wires... flexible but the exposed ends are stiff for inserting into the breadboard. (I've added all these items to the Projects Spreadsheet.)

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