Sunday, January 30, 2011

Building the MakerShield

I managed to get my new MakerShield put together - my soldering skills are not the greatest, so I'm not yet sure if I managed to successfully assemble it or not, but I followed the instructions here to get all the components mounted. Here are some photos taken as I slowly put the MakerShield together.

This type of circuit board, with the holes consisting of a small metal ring embedded in the board, gave me a lot of trouble. The solder seemed to want to "pull" down into the hole and not bead up, making it hard for me to tell if the solder joint was good or bad. I used my magnifying glass to inspect all the joints, but it's a flip of a coin as to whether I got them all done properly. I'm hoping that circuit boards like this are very forgiving because... again... my soldering skills aren't so great...

Update: I stacked the MakerShield on top of my Arduino and connected up Project 7 (3 LEDs fade in and out)... at least I know I soldered up pins 9, 10, and 11 properly!

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