Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arduino in Hand

The mailman was running late today (usually delivers around 2pm but didn't show up until well after 5pm)... and tucked inside a brown protective box was this nice little package, complete with "Made in Italy" sticker sealing the little foldaway container. I love product packaging, especially foreign products, and this one is very efficient.

Open the container and inside is a "Thank you for supporting..." foldout containing info on how it was manufactured, tested, and packaged. (Apparently "buying this board helps us to restore and protect 0.5 sqm of forest in Madagascar" - I should buy some more!)

A small sheet of stickers ("DIY" - "Open Source" - etc.) sits on top of the little board. I've seen Arduinos before but I was still very surprised at the tiny size of the Uno. It's still using the socketed Atmel chip - if you haven't heard, apparently Arduinos are going to be moving away from this to the small surface mount chips... not sure if this is true but it's what I've read elsewhere.

Anyway... it's in my hands (hand) now... and I'm itching to get started...

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  1. Hi Jim!

    I recently ordered my first Arduino. I'm going to try to do a comparison between the Arduino and the Netduino. Compare code and such.

    Anyhow, I bought the SMD version of the Aurdino UNO. The surface mount version of the chip is tiny... lots of empty space on the arduino. I already have a few shields, and lots of breadboards and random bits to use too.