Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting the IDE (Software)

Just visited and grabbed the latest version of the Arduino IDE, version 0022. The instructions in the book vary based on operating system, but I'll be running it on a Windows Vista laptop (yeah, yeah... I know...) so the short walkthrough here might not match up to your installation.

After unzipping the 0022 folder, I attached my Arduino to my laptop with the USB cable (again, following the instructions here) and... just like the instructions said... Windows wasn't able to identify the device.

I opened up the Device Manager (see screen capture 1) and the device has the standard exclamation point error icon. Not a problem...

A pop-up window finally appeared that allowed me to specify the driver file locations (see screen capture 2). It found the folder and the correct driver and after a few "Yes, I give you permission" clicks, the installation began and finished with another window saying "The software for this device has been successfully installed." Yay.

Next, I clicked the Tools menu and selected the Uno from the list of available Arduinos. (It was the default, actually.) Next, I clicked the Serial Port selection and selected COM5 (which matches the COM port in the Device Manager assigned to the Arduino).

Finally, time to run a test sketch. Clicking File, I selected the Examples option and chose the Blink sketch. After a few seconds where the sketch downloads to the Arduino... see video.

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