Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 6 - Interactive LED Chase Effect

Project 6 uses the same circuit from Project 5, but this time I added a 5k potentiometer to the mix (the book calls for a 4.7k, but I already had a 5k in my parts box from the Make: Electronics blog) and modified the code (again) to allow for 9 LEDs versus 10.

Cranking the potentiometer all the way to the left causes the LEDs to blink on for about 1 second before all LEDs are turned off and the next LED is turned on. Turning the potentiometer all the way to the right reduces the time between the lighting of the LEDs to almost zero, and even the flicker (caused by the turning off of all LEDs) isn't even noticeable and the LEDs just appear to be solid and constantly lit.

I'm going to play around with the code now and try my hand at the two extra experiments listed on page 58.

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