Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 9 - LED Fire Effect

Project 9 was easy to wire up - I simply replaced the RGB LEDs from Project 8 with two yellow and one red LED. The resistor values are high enough that I don't have to worry about burning them out.

Without the diffusion provided by the white paper, the flicker is easily visible to the naked eye. I got a much better result getting the fire effect as you can hopefully see in the video. Once again, I didn't have to modify the author's code for Project 9, so no screen capture of my code here.

Also, I'm still using my MakerShield here... the mini-breadboard is just the right size for these early projects, but the upcoming projects are going to require a bit more space and a larger breadboard. Still, it's a nice little shield and definitely reduces the clutter for these smaller experiments.

I spent a few minutes digging around looking for two white LEDs (I know I have a few somewhere) but couldn't find them... so I'm not going to attempt the extra modifications for Project 9 (welding effect and rescue vehicle lights). The Welding Effect would simply require tinkering with the random flickering of the blue and white LEDs... and the Rescue Vehicle Effect would require a non-random timing of the red/blue LEDs...a trivial task at this point in time.

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