Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shopping List - Feb 26

A quick check of ACK's online catalog revealed they are out of stock on the HC595 chips. So, online shopping I go...

I figured I'd try and spread out the cost of shipping by buying additional items needed later in the book. Sparkfun seemed to have quite a bit of the missing components (many of them high $ - bleh). So, I've updated the Projects Spreadsheet with a list of the items I've purchased along with costs.

When I'm done with this blog, I'm hoping to be able to offer up potential readers some sort of ballpark price for what they'll spend to do everything... still not certain if I'll break down and buy the Arduino Mega needed for Project 31 and 32. The author states that the standard Arduino can be used and explains how, but it's a bit beyond me right now and I'll cross that bridge when I get closer to Project 31.

In the meantime, as I wait for UPS Ground to deliver my goods, I'll probably go ahead and solder up the LoL Shield and the MotorShield that MakerShed sent me on loan... and document the work in one or two upcoming posts. Project 19 is temporarily on hold until then...


  1. Jim - Allow yourself some time on that LoL Shield. I assembled it last week and getting all those LEDs in feels like a slog (250+ solder joints in LEDs alone). I'm sure a pro with a soldering iron can do it quicker, but I spent the better part of an afternoon on it. There are some great online instructions, though, for getting it done in a way that ensures the LEDs all line up nicely.

    I'm enjoying this series (and catching up on your Platt/Electronics book blog as well)... I'm a software guy just experimenting with electronics for the first time and following some of the same materials.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for the advance warning, Jeff... 250+ solder joints sounds really really... not fun. But I'll take my time and spread it out.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog.