Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 14 - Light Sensor

I've double and triple-checked my wiring - and I've switched out the resistor for values between 1K and 10K, but so far I'm not getting any variation of the Piezo when I cover the photoresistor (LDR) or shine a bright LED flashlight on it. You'll hear the Piezo in the video - maybe you can hear a difference, but the tempo sounds the same no matter what I try.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'll keep the circuit intact for a day or so before moving on to Project 15.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of some upcoming projects, I contacted some friends at and inquired about getting a "loan" of some parts that I'm hesitant to purchase right now - these two parts are the MotorShield and the Robot Chassis (base) that will be needed in Project 29 (Chapter 10). The folks over there were kind enough to send over the items for me to use (may be a few weeks before I get to them) and I just wanted to say thank you... and that I'll return them in good condition when I'm done. (The MotorShield requires assembly - another test of my soldering skills coming up - will share photos and results when I get it finished.)

Interestingly, they also threw in a couple of other items to test ... one is the Mintronics: Survival Pack which is very nice. I actually took the LDR out of it and swapped out the one in my video, but the results were the same. And finally, they've loaned me a LoL (Lots of LEDs) Shield which I'll play around with in Chapter 7 when I learn how to use the Arduino to control displays... should be fun.

It's probably no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Make magazine and - both resources are helpful to the hobbyist and I've found the folks working for both to be supportive and extremely generous. Be sure to throw them some business if/when you can - I've already got my eyes on the Mega which I'll be ordering soon... apparently one will be needed for Project 31 (Chapter 11).

(I'll add some of these items to the Projects Spreadsheet and will note that they are loaners and not purchased...)

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  1. Actually, it looks like you have the blue wire from the voltage divider wired to Vin instead of Analog Pin0.