Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project 27 - Joystick Servo Control

I purchased two of the COM-09032 joysticks from Sparkfun for Project 27... they were only $4.00 each and looked like they'd be fun for a future project so I grabbed them. (I just hope they work - reading through the feedback on Sparkfun seems to indicate a lot of folks are finding them to be broken.)

Here's a data sheet for the joystick. But it's really quite simple if you examine the undersides... the two I bought have a pushbutton switch which is easy to find and easy to figure out which pins belong to it... that leaves six other pins (2 pairs of 3) - and knowing these things work like potentiometers, it's also easy to see how the 3 pins for each potentiometer (each pot is an axis for a joystick) work. Of course, I now need to solder some lead wires onto the ends so I can make them work with the breadboard... so I'll do that tonight and try to get to Project 27 tomorrow.

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