Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 25 - Servo Control

Project 25 was fairly easy to wire up and the code is extremely easy to follow. I'm really beginning to appreciate libraries... they make programming the Arduino so much easier. Calling functions by associating them with an object you've created is starting to sink in...

With the delay set to 15ms, the response of the servo turning is almost simultaneous with the turning of the potentiometer. In a second video I set the delay to 1000ms (1sec) and the delay is noticeable... turning the potentiometer in small increments can cause large jumps in the rotation of the servo... not sure when this would be beneficial, so I understand why the author chose a short delay. (But why not a 0 second delay? Hmmm....)

I have a very small servo that has a see-through plastic case... it has the same size motors I used back in Chapter 5 but it has gears that increase the power (or torque?) substantially... pretty cool to see gearing this small driven by such a small motor.

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  1. Hey man, good work. As for the delay not being 0. I am not sure myself, but if I had to guess I would say it is to give the servo motor time to "catch up" (travel to the desired position) before receiving the next input.